Lash extension wearers already know about that unavoidable post-procedure dialogue with your lash technician. They’ll dutifully recite the rules of the unofficial Eyelash Extension Handbook: Don’t sleep on your stomach, brush through your lashes every day with a spoolie and avoid mascara at all costs. The last is no easy feat for makeup lovers (we’ve been there too) and sometimes, unbeknownst to our lash technicians, we coat our lashes with a little mascara just to give ‘em an extra boost.

The danger of applying any old mascara to your extensions is that some formulas will dissolve the lash adhesive, causing your lashes to become unglued and fall out. So if you find yourself unable to resist coating your extensions in mascara like us, check out these four water-based, oil-free options that won’t destroy your expensive lash extensions when used correctly.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, $5.99

At one point or another, this iconic drugstore mascara has most likely graced your presence, be it in the checkout aisle of your local supermarket or staring right back at you in your makeup bag. The trusted formula is loved for the way it lengthens your lashes without clumping — aka the ultimate goal for your extensions.


Mas2 Special Mascara, $11.99

Max2 Special Mascara is loved by many because it’s formulated specially for eyelash extensions. One commenter writes in a review, “Love this stuff... I use it when I’m about ready for a fill. It disguises gaps and blends well. Gentle and easy to remove.”


Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection, $16

If you’re hesitant to apply a dark formula to your lashes, consider trying this clear, gel-serum from Urban Decay. It’s meant to refresh your mascara throughout the day, but it can also be used to freshen up your extensions by brushing through them and separating them when they get clumped up. The oil-free formula will also nourish your own lashes simultaneously.


Beauty Garde Oil-Free Mascara, $26

This oil-free, water-based formula is meant to be applied to the tips of your lashes, not your roots. If you plan on applying more than one coat for volume, the brand recommends doing so immediately instead of waiting for your mascara to dry between coats.

Lancôme Definicils Mascara, $27.50

The caption under Definicils Mascara on Lancôme’s website reads, “natural yet noticeable lashes,” and you’re going to get this exact result. The formula won’t clump, and it’s skinny wand will lengthen and separate your lashes — making it the perfect touch if you’re looking to definition. Be sure to get the washable version so that you don’t have to work hard to get the product off your lash extensions.


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